In the beginning...

In this first session we’re first introduced to Shonequa the Medical Student and Larry the Construction Worker, two roommates who just ran back to their apartment after all hell broke loose. We also meet their neighbors, a pair of former sideshow attractions: Ivan Strombole the Strongman and Wangdoodle the World’s Smallest Man (and Used Car Salesman). Wangdoodle was rudely awakened by loud knock on the door and some angry yelling.

Enter Emmery Jenkins, an elder gentleman who followed Wangdoodle back to his apartment after being sold a bad car, was hellbent on getting retribution. After a heated altercation, Jenkins attempted to give Wang a royal canning, only to lose his balance and fall over. As this was happening, clawing could be heard from the apartment down the hall. Before they knew it, a zombie burst through!

This ruckus caused Sho and Larry to come investigate, only to find a zombie. Despite the looming threat of the Zombie, Wang used the momentary distraction to shoot Jenkins in the leg with a crossbow. Larry charged the zombie with his hammer while Sho had to run back in to get her cast iron skillet.

The zombie lurched for the fallen old man but he managed to keep it at bay with his cane. Larry then swung his hammer at the distracted zombie, only to wing it. Sho comes running back out but as she does so, the Old Man manages to swing his cane at the zombie’s leg, sending the limb flying. Sho and Larry try to attack it as well but mostly succeeded at pissing it off.

Ivan, finally noticing something is happening outside, goes to investigate. Ivan sees the Zombie and proceeds to punch it so hard in the head, it literally explodes and leaves a pile of zombie goop all over Larry.



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